Bare Branches, Blue Black Sky; Baskets by Joe Hogan


This book shows a wide range of artistic baskets as wall as giving some insight into the making process, the materials used and the motivation underlying the work.


"For me nature is an endless source of inspiration. We are fortunate to live in a wonderful landscape. There are mountains, lakes rivers on our doorstep and areas of wild moorland nearby to delight the eye and nourish the soul. Although we do not have many trees near us the deepening shades of reds and yellows in the moor-land grasses bring their own visual delight. To walk about in such a landscape is to come back recharged with new ideas and renewed energy for creative work. Over a period of time living here I have also developed a strong sense of belonging in the world and this, I feel, is somehow reflected in my work."


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Available in the UK at Musgrove Willows.