RTE Nationwide November 2018

RTE Nationwide follows 8 Irish Crafts people to the 'Homo Faber' craft exhibition in Venice.


Joe is interviewed at his home in Lough na Fooey and talks about his work for this exhibition.

Telegraph Interview with Tom Morris

In October 2018 Joe featured in an interview in the Telegraph entitled 'The Artisan: Joe Hogan, Ireland's master basket maker'.


Read the full interview here.

The Practical Creative Podcast

The Practical Creative is a podcast series created by Jeremiah Krage.

Jeremiah explores with other creatives the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of what they do and the nature of creativity itself.


In this interview he discusses with Joe the benefits of developing work gradually and the creative benefits of time spent in nature.

Basket Making in the Himalayas

In 2002 Joe traveled to Ladakh province in the far north of India with Manchán Magan.


He met with local basket-maker Punsok Dorge to see how similar both their traditions are. 

Patterns: The Basketmakers of Lough Na Fooey

An episode from the Hands series produced by David and Sally Shaw Smith for RTE in 1978.


This episode looks at traditional Basketmaking in Ireland and features Joe shortly after moving to Lough na Fooey and meeting local Basketmaker Tommy Joyce.


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