Basketmaking in Ireland Book


The main reason for writing this book was to record the techniques used in making Irish traditional baskets, a task that became more urgent as indigenous baskets such as creels and lobster pots began to go out of use. It became apparent that some history of the baskets and their uses would have to be included, because to understand objects requires some knowledge of, and respect for, the people who made and used them. The book is structured so that each chapter contains information that, it is hoped, will appeal to the reader with a general interest in traditional crafts, but most also have a technique section giving details of how to make many of the baskets described. 

This technique section is primarily of interest to basketmakers, but the author stresses that because a basket is described as being made in a particular way does not mean that it can be made only in this way. Working within a craft tradition involves having respect for, rather than strict adherence to, the techniques and lore that form that tradition; a tradition that does not change and renew itself becomes stagnant and dies, and it is hoped that this book will not only persuade people to re-evaluate our traditional baskets but also inspire basketmakers to find new uses for some of the techniques described here. 


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